Judge gives Trump administration time to reunite families

A California judge on Monday gave Donald Trump’s government time to reunite young migrant children with their parents arrested at the border after authorities admitted they ran out of time, according to... Read more »

Eritrea and Ethiopia officially end the war

In the aftermath of a historic summit between their leaders, Eritrea and Ethiopia on Monday signed a declaration in Asmara formalizing their rapprochement and ending twenty years of state of war. Eritrean... Read more »

Trump denies US opposes breastfeeding

US President Donald Trump defends his administration’s decision to oppose a World Health Organization (WHO) resolution to encourage breastfeeding. But in a Twitter message, he said the US representatives voted against the... Read more »

Immigration: even Arkansas are more moderate than Trump

The city of Dardanelle, Arkansas, has everything to be conservative. Alcohol is not available over-the-counter. In addition, it is the hometown of one of the senators with the most severe immigration ideas.... Read more »