Florida, Alabama and Mississippi declare state of emergency before the advance of the storm Alberto

Alabama, Florida and Mississippi declared a state of emergency as Sunday’s subtropical storm Alberto heads to the Gulf of Mexico. The governor of Florida, Rick Scott, issued the emergency declaration for 67... Read more »

Alabama executes an 83-year-old man, the oldest prisoner sentenced to death in the modern history of the United States

The state of Alabama has executed Walter Leroy Moody, 83, who had been sentenced to death for the murder of a federal judge in 1989. Moody is the oldest person sentenced to... Read more »

Plane Crashes on Way to Safety Conference

A plane on its way to an FAA safety conference crashed in a residential area of Jackson, Mississippi on Tuesday night. The Piper PA-32 single-engine plane slammed into a home and burst... Read more »

Cruise Ship Travelers Glad to be Home

After an engine-room fire disabled the cruise ship Carnival Triumph in open waters almost 150 miles off the Yucatan peninsula near Mexico for five days, passengers were glad to be on solid... Read more »