Take Selfies With New Worlds With New VR Application By NASA

Take Selfies With New Worlds With New VR Application By NASA

Now users can share their selfies with great looking cosmic landscapes with the help of new app launched b NASA, as imaged by Spitzer Space Telescope.

NASA’s new VR application allows users to take their selfies on space as well as visiting a cool star system that has 7 exoplanets which are of earth’s size. It was August 22nd when the two applications made public, as a celebration event of 15th anniversary of Spitzer Space Telescope launch by NASA.

The selfie app of NASA is available at Android and iOS play-store and allows the users to take selfies with the picturesque location of space. For example, a place like the core of the Milky Way, and a famous star-birth region named the Orion Nebula, which is situated at 1,350 light-years from our planet.

Officials, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, NASA, stated, “The application as well gives data about the stunning images. At present, there are 30 attractive and appealing images that user can choose from and those are taken by Spitzer.”

The app in future is going to have more images which have been taken from the several sciences and human spaceflight mission of the agency.

As said by the officials of the agency, “Spitzer has a significant role in finding these planets and offering data that has helped the researchers learn more about the composition of the planets.”

The TRAPPIST-1 system is not in the range of the telescope that makes it difficult to observe the planer difficultly, but the VR will help in drawing out the artist’s experience and create an impression that how the planet might appear. The impressions of the planet depend on the information shared by Spitzer and several more telescopes that have utilized the TRAPPIST-1.

The VR app is as well accessible on the website of Spitzer for both Vive and Oculus.

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