New Error In Android Allows Downloading Malicious App On Your Handset

New Error In Android Allows Downloading Malicious App On Your Handset

Android has always been with some errors. Hackers and researchers have always discovered one loophole or the other to find a backdoor entrance into Android-based handsets. Google has been lively in dealing with these errors. Now, it seems like the search behemoth has one extra loophole to close. Scientists at Checkpoint have discovered a new error that makes employment of an Android smartphone’s external storage and allows attackers to silently install apps to get hands-on data.

The scientists, talking in Las Vegas at Defcon hacker event, have claimed that this procedure is dubbed as “Man-in-the-disk” attack. This takes place when application developers are not cautious about the memory their apps use in the external memory section, which is something that is out of sandbox protection by Android.

It has been cited that some coders do not follow the rules laid out by the company completely. The rules claim that an app should not store executable data in external memory (which is shared by other apps too). Developers must do confirmation tests and more.

On a related note, as per researcher of security firm Tripwire, Craig Young, Chromecast devices, and Google Home have a serious error that can leak your exact location to an attacker within 10 meters. The hacker can then employ this location data to make stalking traps and online threats more accurate & credible. For instance, offering your exact location to a stalker within your own home who is distantly tracking you apparently makes you even more defenseless.

While the vulnerability is only restricted to unauthorized access of precise data location of the consumer, the impact is not just restricted to that. The researcher further claims that the implications of this are quite wide, comprising the possibility for more effective extortion or blackmail campaigns.

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