Artificial Intelligence Bot Beats Humans In Dota 2

Artificial Intelligence Bot Beats Humans In Dota 2

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is taking over the battleground both in the digital and real sense. Dota 2, multiplayer online battle arena video game by Valve, is the newest example of that.

OpenAI Five is the AI bot has once again proven that the manufacturers of the tech (humans) are a step behind their own invention. At a latest battle among the bot and the human players, the team of human players somehow won just a single game in opposition to the AI bot, the media claimed.

In the 3-game series, OpenAI Five was successful in winning the initial 2 games. In the final game, the bot lost it to the humans, since the audience chose their team of 5 in opposition to the bot. This led to the bot forecasting a lower chance of being successful in the match.

The bot has been designed by OpenAI, which is a non-profit agency established by Sam Altman and Elon Musk (SpaceX founder). The firm’s plan is to develop a team of bots that can victorious against a team of Dota 2’s human players at the annual tournament of 2018 and one more major event in E-sports.

Speaking of AI, in June 2018, Google claimed that it will not allow its AI software to be employed in unreasonable surveillance efforts or weapons. This comes below new standards for its business moves in the burgeoning field, claimed the firm to the media in an interview.

The limitation can assist management of Google defuse months of protest by a number of workers in opposition to the firm’s work with the U.S. military to verify objects in drone footage.

Google as an alternative will look for government deals in areas such as military recruitment, cybersecurity, and rescue & search, claimed Sundar Pichai, Chief Executive, to the media.

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