YouTube To Supersede Facebook; Will Soon Become The 2nd Largest Website In The United States

YouTube To Supersede Facebook; Will Soon Become The 2nd Largest Website In The United States

The competition with the top websites is always brutal and the result can be uncertain depending upon the dynamic changes that are constantly occurring on both the ends. Facebook, which holds the 2nd position, as far as the websites in the US are concerned, has been noticing a significant decline in the ongoing traffic in the past few years. In the last couple of years, the web traffic of Facebook has declined by nearly 50 percent, according to reports. Owing to this, it appears that it will cease to be the 2nd largest website while giving its position to the website that is growing faster than ever, which is none other than YouTube.

If we look at the monthly page visits of Facebook, the numbers have dropped from 8.5 billion to nearly 4.7 billion, within a time span of only two years. The application traffic seems to have grown in the same period, but it is still not enough to compensate the loss. Facebook although has a lot more to focus on, including other applications such as Instagram and WhatsApp.

YouTube on the other hand, which is owned by Alphabet; the parent company of Google, which is at the top of the table being the largest website, has been observing increasing traffic on the website. The application as well has noticed noteworthy increase in the viewership. These factors are certainly enough for YouTube to climb the ladder and supersede Facebook. It is expected that YouTube will achieve this feat in a span of just two to three months.

Speaking of websites receiving heavy internet traffic, Google currently is at the top with nearly 15 billion visits and is followed by Facebook, YouTube, Yahoo, and Amazon, in that order. Yahoo is also expected to give its position to Amazon, in the near future.

Henry Toffoli

Henry Toffoli was born and raised in Mobile.  Henry has worked as a journalist for nearly a decade having contributed to several large publications including the Tuscaloosa News in the Times-Journal.   As a journalist for Alabama Post Gazette, Henry covers national and international developments.

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