Now Trash Is Been Collected In Uber Style

Now Trash Is Been Collected In Uber Style

The small tech company which was similarly built like Amazon and Apple at the back of the house at the garage, Recycle Track Systems (RTS) focus on environmentally waste removal and recycling model for their business. RTS uses the same technology of Uber where it connects the business customer or the customer to independent haulers tracking system from pickup to drop-off points, making sure the waste gets to end up in the right place instead of landfills.

The USP of RTS is the tracking system of the tracking system of the waste, wherein RTS has partnered with the local sanitation to installed rideshare tech in their trucks and RTS client companies get the full detail of the waste management system through the proprietary software of RTS. The startup also aims to provide an on-demand service for larger items like furniture waste management. In the last couple of months, RTS had seized a finance support worth USD 11.7 million from various investors.

The CEO and COO of the company explained that their startup aims to provide a waste management system which focuses more towards environmental factors like taking food waste to the farm where its converted to manure for the soil and can be recycle in an efiicient way. Similarly, the plastic is separated and taken to the recycling centers for the reuse of the plastic. And provide a real time update to the clients where their waste ends up and give them a sense of relieve that their waste got ended up in a proper manner.

RTS currently operates in New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, Washington DC, and Baltimore providing their services to the restaurants, supermarkets, schools, and hotels. The company is likely to expand in the near future to most of the states and offer their environmentally concerned services. RTS current list of business clients includes Whole Foods, Citi Field, Barclays Center, SoulCycle, Washington Nationals, DC united, and WeWork.

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