Will Google’s Censored Search Engine Cross Trade Tensions and Reach China?

Will Google’s Censored Search Engine Cross Trade Tensions and Reach China?

Internet population is growing year by year. But the largest internet population comes from China, and wooing this continent is the biggest task that Google is out to get.

Google is working on a search engine that can be censored, to attract the Chinese population, the search engine with a mobile version that would bend with the strict Chinese control.

Earlier in 2010, Google removed its search engine from China, but now the company is showing interest in getting access to China again.

President Xi Jinping has tightened censorship over the internet for the past five years since he came into power. The country’s internet regulator revoked about 3,000 website licenses or closed them.

A censored search engine may enter China if talks between the Chinese government and the United States go on smoothly.

The Chief Executive of Google, Sundar Pichai, who took over in 2015, is trying hard to increase Google’s activity in China.

The company has offered Android app. to the country and has also opened its intelligence lab in the important Beijing city. A translation service has been offered in China, along with a file-storing app.

The launch of a mobile app store in Android has however not been successful, as local authorities have not given their approval.

There are many lawmakers in the US who are not happy with the previous decision taken by Google to cut its collaboration with the military base of the US. We do not like to see Google willing to tie up with the Chinese but breaking collaboration with the military, say Republican Senators from the United States.

With the Chinese authorities blocking access to many social-networking sites, and foreign news, Google search engine is also facing stiff resistance in China. Trade tensions are also blocking plans of Google to enter the Chinese market.

Karen Clifford

Karen Clifford graduated from UAB 2010.  Karen grew up in Mobile, but moved to Birmingham for her studies.  Karen has written for several major publications including the Birmingham Post-Herald.  Karen is a community reporter and also covers stories important to the people of the Alabama.

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