Apple Clocks New Record For June Quarter In India Due To Macs

Apple Clocks New Record For June Quarter In India Due To Macs

Apple might be grappling in India when it comes to sales of iPhone, but it is still not all lost for the smartphone behemoth in the nation. The Cupertino company has clocked a record performance when it comes to trade its Mac devices in India. This was disclosed by chief financial officer and senior vice president of Apple, Luca Maestri, at the time of the firm’s earnings call.

During the call, Maestri claimed that the firm witnessed double-digit growth as compared to previous year in their active Mac machines in the Q2 of this year. He included that there was a “great potential” in the up-and-coming markets that comprises India in addition to few others. Apple was capable of establishing new records in June quarter for Mac sales in these nations.

“Even with a thorny launch, we witnessed great potential in many up-and-coming markets, with developed well into double digits and we clocked new records for June quarter for Mac sales in Turkey, India, Eastern & Central Europe, and Chile,” claimed Maestri to the media.

For what it’s worth, Apple has emphasized on refurbishing its iMac and MacBook machines in 2017 and earlier 2018 with a series of new devices sporting new features. This drive is also expected to bring the graph of Mac sales up for next quarter.

In Asia, Maestri claimed that Apple clocked double-digit development in Greater China and Asia Pacific region for iPad machines. Tim Cook indirectly claimed that the firm is still upbeat on the Indian industry as they are extending the reach in up-and-coming markets.

On a related note, Cook told analysts during Q3 2017 earnings call that the firm is very, very optimistic and very, very bullish about India. He also compared the Indian market with that of Chinese market claiming that “I see a lot of resemblances to where China was various years back.”

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