Two New Electric Trucks To Be Launched As UPS Joins Hands With THOR; A Startup

Two New Electric Trucks To Be Launched As UPS Joins Hands With THOR; A Startup

UPS, i.e., United Parcel Service of America is handling a multitude of electrification programs at present and still isn’t shying away from adding one more. The company recently partnered with THOR; a Los Angeles-based startup, and is planning to build not one but two new electric trucks. The startup had come out of its stealth mode a few months ago when it unveiled the prototype of an electric semi truck, while planning to take on Tesla’s Semi.

Recently, the startup won a contract with the parcel delivery company UPS which will enable them to not only develop but test as well, a class 6 truck that is fully electric. UPS said that since performance is crucial when it comes to delivering, it wants to support the companies that create these innovative products that could be of great help to the company.

UPS is planning to test the vehicle once ready and is initially targeting a short driving range which will not be more than a 100 miles. The planning is in process for a shorter range of 50 miles as well, for the version which would be relatively less expensive with a target production price close to $68,000. THOR has made two trucks in total which would be tested by UPS in a span of nearly 6 months and the process would include off-road evaluation, technical integration, battery capacity, and engineering, among other factors.

On the other hand, Tesla Semi’s prototype photos were recently seen at a Tesla factory which is located in Fremont. The prototypes were seen after a long gap of a few months since the testing of the program earlier this year. The company said that there is much more potential for improvements of the trucks, despite the trucks having some great specs already. If Tesla is able to deliver their promises, these trucks will bring a revolution to the market.


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