Google Translator To Be Another Money Generator

Google Translator To Be Another Money Generator

Google has a lengthy rundown of hit websites that generated revenue for the organization daily—YouTube, Google Search, Gmail, and Google Docs.

In any case, there’s one Google product you won’t not have pondered that could turn out to be another revenue generator: Google Translate.

At the time of second quarter revenue con-call of Google, on Monday, CEO Sundar Pichai uncovered interesting information that indicates at the interpretation product’s cash making capability. The Google Translate translates a whopping143 billion words each day, Pichai stated. Furthermore, Pichai noted, it got a major lift at the time of the ongoing Soccer World Cup competition.

Google Translate can translate entire sentences, a word, or even whole internet, and documents them into one of over 100 languages. The browsing giant released its translation service before 12 years and has been including new capabilities and features throughout the years. The Google Translate application, for instance, would now be able to interpret discussions in real-time, along with utilizing a cell phone camera, can interpret road signs shown in other language.

“I … was to a great degree pleased to see the constructive criticism on how valuable Google Translate was for individuals who ventured out to Russia” for the World Cup, Pichai stated on the in the conference. He proceeded: “In these basic minutes, when you’re in a new place or you don’t have the foggiest idea about its language, Google comes to help with the correct data at the time of need.”

Google presently offers its services and the related application to customers free of cost and – right now – without advertisements. In any case, there is evident capability to transform it into a revenue generator.

Given that many individuals re-expected to utilize the Google Translator while travelling, it is anything but a stretch to envision advertisements for nearby restaurants, hotels, and other nearby attractions.

Henry Toffoli

Henry Toffoli was born and raised in Mobile.  Henry has worked as a journalist for nearly a decade having contributed to several large publications including the Tuscaloosa News in the Times-Journal.   As a journalist for Alabama Post Gazette, Henry covers national and international developments.

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