Doctors Are Concerns About The Rise Of Contagious Disease Among The Young Children

Contagious Disease Among The Young Children

According to the reports coming from various sources that doctors of several states are witnessing a rise in the number of a particular case among the young children, which is a concern raised by the doctors. Several states including South Carolina are witnessing the rise in hand-foot-mouth disease cases among the states.

According to the official statement released by the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control officials the state has witnessed on an average of 17 to 30 reported cases per year from 2015 to 2017, so far, we are just halfway down the 2018 and state has witnessed about 15 cases and this is growing at a tremendous speed.

It is being noticed that the primary reason for this hand-foot-mouth disease which the doctors claim to be is during the children in their child care settings, they are trained for frequent potty training and diaper change, and since young children are very likely to put their hands in their mouth.

According to the expert’s hand-foot-and-mouth disease is a mild contagious viral infection which is characterized by sores in the mouth and rashes over the feet and hands, which is caused by the virus named coxsackievirus. This virus is commonly found in infant and children younger than 5 years old. The usual time from the very first moment of getting infected and finding out the symptoms would take around three to six days. One of the early symptoms would be fever at the initial stage followed by a sore throat and poor appetite and malaise. Rashes would follow within two to four days of getting infected in the hands, feet and on the buttocks.

It is most likely to happen because of the parents who are asymptomatic or minimally symptomatic, they have no clue they are infected as in adults no symptoms of the disease could be found and it gets a pass to the infant.

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