Heatwaves…Who’s Behind It

Heatwaves...Who's Behind It

According to the scientists, the climatic variations which are caused due to the activities imposed by humans have worsened the heatwaves two times than it should have been.

Different scientists have described heatwaves in different ways but this study was conducted on consecutive three days, which were the hottest. This has allowed them to compare the findings with the 100 years old data from the 7 different locations. However, a professor from the University of Oxford, Dr. Friederike Otto stated that the study would have produced more precise data if it was conducted over a longer period of time. In response to the suggestion, the team stated that they have conducted the same for a longer period, which failed to produce any different outcome.

Researchers have scrutinized the reports of high temperatures from the 7 different weather stations in Europe in order to understand the present scenario. The preliminary report designated the climate change as unambiguous.

The intensity and elaborateness of the present heatwaves have raised several questions in the global warming. Therefore, in order to establish whether or not these are interlinked, the researchers have executed a study in which they have collected relevant data from weathers stations of Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands, and Ireland.  These locations were chosen as these maintain the digitized records since the 1900s. However, this is not the case with the UK.

The team of researchers also implemented computer models in order to analyze the degree to which the environment is affected due to human activities.

As a result of the study, it was concluded that the heatwaves of the Netherlands, Denmark, and Ireland have significantly increased and is nearly double than it should have been.

The scientists believe that the extreme events and the rising temperatures are strongly connected to each other. The researchers are not sure whether or not the blockage of the high-pressure system for 2 months has caused the adverse scenario.

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