Coursera Now Provides Master’s Degree In Collaboration With University Of Pennsylvania

Coursera Now Provides Master’s Degree In Collaboration With University Of Pennsylvania

The School of Engineering and Applied Science of University of Pennsylvania has declared its first entirely online master’s degree—MCIT Online (Master of Computer and Information Technology). The MCIT Online course is solely obtainable on Coursera and is open to everybody with no previous computer science background.

“The MCIT Online is perfect for students who desire to follow a career varying from product management to software development to data science,” as per a statement by the media. MCIT Online presents the similar degree as the on-campus MCIT, states Coursera. $26,300 is the total cost for the MCIT Online degree.

The Coursera platform allows professors to develop a series of advanced to beginner programming assignments that merge peer, auto, and human grading conducted by on-campus teaching faculty and assistants. Students will also have the chance to take part frequently in live video office hours with the similar teacher who teaches in colleges.

“MCIT Online is a turning point for individuals who wish to get a Master of Computer Science but cannot attend an on-campus program or do not have a tech background. We are delighted to offer this degree under the name of University of Pennsylvania that shares our promise of offering universal authorization to the best education in the world,” claimed Coursera’s CEO, Jeff Maggioncalda, to the media in an interview.

The curriculum is made up of 4 electives and 6 core courses in regions such as machine learning and data science. It sports a mixture of both project-based learning and computer science theory.

Speaking of Coursera, Google earlier released free AR and AR Core course on Coursera. This could be Google’s effort of conveying its AR-developing platforms to move beyond the others, comprising “ARKit” from Apple, along with assisting creators. The registration for the four-week program was ended on July 16, 2018 with a huge response from the crowd, the media reported.

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