Giant Fossil Of The Oldest Dinosaur Found In China

Giant Fossil Of The Oldest Dinosaur Found In China

After the latest discovery, the geological history of China may need re-writing. A new member of the dinosaur’s family, who lived 174 million years ago, was discovered. It is a long-necked giant that resided in the northern area of the country and is also known as sauropods or Lingwulong shenqi.

Until the new member was discovered, it was believed that East Asia was separated from Pangaea during that period of time. However, the latest fossil reveals a different tale, which may prove the present perceptions as incorrect.

Lingwulong is a portion of a subgroup in the name of neosauropods, which also lists diplodocus, brachiosaurus, and brontosaurus. These species existed 15 million years after Lingwulong shenqi lived, which proves that it is one of the oldest dinosaurs in Asia. In fact, this discovery has also been flagged as an unexpected one by an author at the Imperial College, London, Dr. Philip Mannion, as it was found in the most unexpected area of Northern China. He also stated that till the discovery, it was believed that neosauropods never evaded Asia during the era of Jurassic. However, this discovery proves the other speculations to be incorrect. In fact, it is now clear that before Pangaea initiated the fragmentation, the neosauropods entered the continent.

Till now, 160 million years old fossils were found in eastern Africa, Europe, and North America. This also proves that the 174 million-year-old fossil of Lingwulong is the oldest one of its group. This has also led to a theory that reveals that these dinosaurs were at a stage that was more evolutionary advanced than perceived.

The discovery of Lingwulong also repels the perception of the Chicxulub impact, which is thought to be the reason for the extinction of the dinosaurs. In fact, these giant creatures were susceptible to the changing habitat and weather conditions.

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