Demi Lovato Hospitalized, Drug Overdose Suspected

Demi Lovato Hospitalized, Drug Overdose Suspected


A report by US media states that pop sensation Demi Lovato has been admitted to a hospital in Los Angeles for suspected overdose of drugs. The LAPD was reported to have responded to a medical emergency on Tuesday in Hollywood Hills, where the singer resides.TMZ reported that 25-year old Lovato was unconsciousness when found and was treated with anti-overdose drug Naloxone at the scene. Reports by US media also stated that the singer of Sorry Not Sorry was stable. She was breathing and was alert at Cedars-Sinai Medical Centre.

Demi’s spokesperson told BBC that she’s okay and has her family’s support that are very thankful for the love everyone has showed them. It was also added that some of the information being reported isn’t true and that they’d like to have some privacy at the moment. Lovato’s struggle with drugs and substance abuse isn’t new and has apparently relapsed in the past few weeks. Last month she cancelled her London’s O2 Arena show just hours before it was supposed to start via Twitter.

Sober, Lovato’s single released last month, marked her 6 years of sobriety in March this year. She was all set to complete her Tell Me You Love Me World Tour on Thursday with a concert in Atlantic City, New Jersey which has been cancelled now. The singer’s fight with bipolar disorder, addiction and bulimia has often been reflected in her music and has helped numerous fans of her to overcome their own demons. Several musicians and celebrities extended their love and support via social media as reports of her condition spread.

The year saw the release of Don’t Forget, her first studio album. Ina YouTube documentary released last October named Simply Complicated, Lovato told her viewers how she first tried cocaine when she was only 17.She talked about her father’s binge with drugs and alcohol and how she wanted to search for the thing that made her dad choose those over his family.

In 2010 she went to a rehab for the first time. She further revealed how she wasn’t ready to be sober and how she sneaked it any chance she got, be it in planes or bathrooms.

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