Android Auto Head Unit’s Satellite View To Launch Soon

Android Auto Head Unit’s Satellite View To Launch Soon

Google Maps’ satellite view has been present for a long period now. It has been there on both in Apple iOS and Android platforms. Lately, a reader of AndroidPolice spotted the satellite view in his Honda Civic car’s Android Auto head unit.

Now, it seems like Google is upgrading the Android auto application for the head unit with the feature of satellite view. On the other hand, the phone variant of the Android Auto application has had the option for satellite view from a long period now.

Shortly, all the consumers will be capable of seeing this alternative in the Android Auto settings. But there is one thing to remember that the satellite view uses additional data due to the level of minutiae it provides. So, if you are on a restricted connection of data, it is suggested to keep this alternative off or those who are having slow speed of Internet, then this function might not operate appropriately for you.

On a similar note, Google has begun launching out the incognito mode on Android for YouTube application. The option for sign-out has now been re-moniker with Turn on Incognito. Switching this mode on will allow consumers limit the search and see the history.

To authorize this function, just click on the avatar and click on the option for “Turn on Incognito. After triggering the Incognito mode on, the icon for avatar will be replaced with the symbol for Incognito in Black. There will be a Black bar at the end of the screen with the “You’re incognito” message.

Lately, Google also included a same function that allows consumers to limit tracking of history on their Google and Gboard applications for iOS gadgets. The firm claims to add some more features in the future.

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