Police “can not guarantee” that there will be no more victims

On Monday British police could not guarantee that the presence of the deadly nerve agent Novitchok would not lead to anothervictim.

“I simply can not offer a guarantee” regarding public safety, said the head of anti-terrorism Neil Basu during a press briefing in London, before calling on the population not to pick up objects such as syringes or unusual containers “.

“Last night, the public health agency pointed out that the risk to the public remained low at this stage,” said Basu, whose service with Scotland Yard leads the investigation into the death of Dawn Sturgess. , 44, at the Salisbury Hospital, while recognizing the legitimate concern of the people living in this area of ​​South West England.

Dawn Sturgess died Sunday night, after eight days of hospitalization, leading to an investigation for murder.

Originally from Durrington (South West England), she had three children, an 11-year-old girl and two boys aged 19 and 23, said the police chief.

His companion, Charlie Rowley, 45, whose identity he confirmed for the first time, was also poisoned and remains in critical condition at Salisbury Hospital.

“We will do all we can to bring those responsible to justice,” said Basu.

Nerve agent

He reiterated that the main assumption of the police was that the offending poison was linked to the attack wiped out with the same powerful nerve agent four months ago by former Russian double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia at Salisbury.

“We are trying to identify any containers that may have contained the poison” and that the couple could have picked up, he said, adding that the police had traced all their movements on June 29 and 30, when they were hospitalized.

As police search for “when and where” the couple was contaminated, “searches are concentrated” on their homes, in Salisbury for Dawn Sturgess, and in the nearby town of Amesbury where Charlie Rowley had an apartment, as well as a Salisbury Park where they went on Friday, June 29th.

The mini-bus that they traveled on that Friday evening between Salisbury and Amesbury is also being examined by the Porton Down Military Laboratory, while three people who traveled with them were examined without any symptoms. disturbing has been discovered.

“I am horrified and shocked by the death of Dawn Sturgess,” said Premier Theresa May. “My thoughts and condolences go to his family and loved ones.”

Russians responsible

Defense Minister Gavin Williamson blamed Russia for “committing an attack on British soil,” speaking to MPs after an inter-ministerial meeting on the Cobra crisis. London accuses Moscow of being at the origin of the attack against the Skripal, of which Dawn Sturgess and Charlie Rowley would be the collateral victims.

The Kremlin retorted that it would be “absurd” to accuse Russia of the death of the forties, whom he says “deeply regret”.

The friends of the couple said they were devastated by the news. “We are very, very sad. I’m praying for Charlie to come back, “responded Ben Jordan, 27, who was housed in Salisbury’s homeless shelter John Baker House where Dawn Sturgess, who has since been evacuated by police, lived.

Object in a trash?

“It could very well have happened to anyone, me and my partner,” he added.

John Glen, a local MP, told the BBC that the couple, formerly homeless, may have been in contact with the contaminated object because of “their habit of rummaging through garbage cans”.

Yulia and Sergei Skripal had been able to leave the hospital after several weeks of heavy care, as had Nick Bailey, the first policeman who had rescued them.

Visiting Salisbury Sunday, Interior Minister Sajid Javid announced that the British government had “no current plans” to impose new sanctions on Russia.

Henry Toffoli

Henry Toffoli was born and raised in Mobile.  Henry has worked as a journalist for nearly a decade having contributed to several large publications including the Tuscaloosa News in the Times-Journal.   As a journalist for Alabama Post Gazette, Henry covers national and international developments.

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