School bus crash in Alabama: at least one dead

At least one person died Tuesday morning when a bus carrying students from the Huston area fell into a 50-foot”The bus stopped on one side in the ravine, it had to be pulled up with ropes from the Fire Department during the rescue operation, some efforts were carried out by hand by the agents or other law enforcement,” said the sheriff, explaining the difficulty of the rescue efforts in the complicated ravine.

Several injured people were taken to 10 hospitals in Baldwin County, in the cities of Mobile in Alabama, Daphne and Fairhope, and Pensacola, Florida. ravine in Baldwin County, Alabama, according to Sheriff Hoss Mack. The deceased is the driver of the vehicle, according to the captain of the Alabama State Police, John Malone.

Due to the accident and the rescue efforts, Interstate 10 was closed in both directions, near the border with the state of Florida. According to Malone, members of the state Department of Transportation are on site to examine the scene before the highway is reopened.

The Sacred Heart Hospital in Pensacola received 18 patients, according to its website.

Six or seven helicopters from Medevac transported wounded to hospitals, the sheriff said. One patient remains in critical condition, he said, and five in critical condition. The rest of the injured, including a Baldwin County agent injured during the extraction process, suffered minor injuries, he said.

A video of the crash showed a bus sideways on a grassy aqueduct while rescuers with lanterns toured the area. In the images you can see the firemen looking down from a bridge. You can also see a row of emergency vehicles lined up on the road leading to the bridge.

The front axle of the bus seemed separate from the vehicle and at least two doors of the luggage compartments had been torn off from the side. The roof of the bus also looked damaged.

The bus was traveling west, taking the students home from Central Florida. It was when he was heading to the median on Interstate 10 when he fell into the gully at Cowpen Creek, around 5:30 am (6:30 am ET), Mack said.

The creek runs through the gully, but the bus did not touch the water, said Baldwin County Sheriff’s Commander Anthony Lowery.

The last victim was released from the bus shortly before 9 am (10 am ET), Mack said.

“The next thing we had to do was bring blankets in. Of course, they were cold, and this morning we were at 4 degrees Celsius.”

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