Plane Crashes on Way to Safety Conference

A plane on its way to an FAA safety conference crashed in a residential area of Jackson, Mississippi on Tuesday night. The Piper PA-32 single-engine plane slammed into a home and burst into flames. According to reports, one person escaped the house on the ground with only minor injuries. Three pilots were on board, and they were all killed in the crash.

The plane left Hawkins Field Airport in Jackson shortly before the crash. It was going to Raymond, Mississippi. Shortly after takeoff, the pilot asked for permission to return to the airport, but the plane crashed before it could make it back.

One of the owners of the plane, Roger Latham, was not on board. According to his daughter, he changed his plans and decided to go hunting instead of travel on the plane. Latham said the plane was in fine condition and that he wanted to get it out of the hangar before flying to Gulf Shores, Alabama for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Henry Toffoli

Henry Toffoli was born and raised in Mobile.  Henry has worked as a journalist for nearly a decade having contributed to several large publications including the Tuscaloosa News in the Times-Journal.   As a journalist for Alabama Post Gazette, Henry covers national and international developments.

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